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Innovators Nation conference at ESCP Europe: the conclusion

As a conclusion to this trip to Israel, we decided to organize an event to thank all our partners. The students invited all the people involved in this project (and all the people interested in innovation in Israel) to a conference and a cocktail at ESCP Europe. The event took place on May the 23rd and we were happy to welcome our prestigious guests: Arie Avidor (Minister, Israeli Ambassy in France), Pascal Morand (Dean of ESCP Europe), Daniel Rouach (professor at ESCP Europe), Fran├žois Fourcade (professor at ESCP Europe) and many others.

The purpose of this conference was to explain why we decided to visit this country, what we discovered and what are the key factors of success of innovation in Israel.

This event has been very successfull, and we hope this kind of project will be organized again at ESCP Europe or in other schools.

You can watch extracts from the conference here:

And here is the full version video we have made to summarize the Innovators Nation adventure (thanks Shannon for the montage!):

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog.


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