Having a break in Gordon beach

After visiting Procter&Gamble (see article there) and the Hive, we decided to have a break on Gordon beach. It’s located just in front of Tel Aviv, so that when you are swimming, you can have a great view on the city and the buildings.

Gordon beach, Tel Aviv

Gordon beach, Tel Aviv

Then, we went to a party organized by the Chambre de Commerce Israel-France thanks to celebrate the Independance Day in Israel. And after that, we moved to a roof-top party, but it’s another story…


2 thoughts on “Having a break in Gordon beach

  1. […] relief or “I don’t care, I’m Italian”), we decided to move to the beach, near to Gordon street, to have some drinks and debrief on this first intense day. Gordon beach by […]

  2. […] end this intense 3rd day in Israel, we walked from Gordon Street to Jaffa, on the seaside. In Jaffa, the arabic district, we had a wonderful view on Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv by night, in Jaffa […]

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