Day 4: what we have seen or learned in Tel Aviv

Here is a list of what we have seen or learned today in Tel Aviv:

  • Israeli cuisine is not just hummus. It’s also shakshuka!
  • 1/3 of the population of Tel Aviv is less than 25.
  • A lot of shops are closed during independance day (on April 25th), and everybody celebrates it. The State of Israel is still very young (it was created in 1947).

The anecdote of the day: innovation in a taxi

We spend some time in taxis to go from a company to another, and as most of the taxi drivers can speak English, we talk to them and they told us some interesting stories. For example, Giorgio met a taxi driver who told him he just created his high-tech company! He gave him his visiting card.

Guy met another taxi driver who showed him rearview mirror coversprinted with the Israeli flag saying “look at that, they just invented it!”.

Start-ups are created everywhere, even in a taxi.

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