PlaNet Finance Group wants to develop in Israel

After coming back from Better Place, we attended to a conference about microfinance in Israel. It took place in the Leumi Bank offices.
PlaNet Finance, the 1st NGO in microfinance, launched by French Jacques Attali in 1998, wants to grow in Israel! The purpose is to increase the access to adapted financial services to the 25% of the Israeli population living below the poverty line.
A real need exists. Indeed, the majority (96%) of companies in Israel are SMEs but they account for only 23% in the total bank credits.
Micro-credits focus on micro-entrepreneurs who need small loans over a short period. Dina Weistein, Director of PlaNet Finance Israel, gives us the example of a micro-entrepreneur who needs professional photography equipment to start her business in photography for weddings in Israel.
To attract new funds for micro business in Israel, Planet Finance wants to launch a online platform for micro-credit ( that allows everyone to finance all or part of projects of micro-entrepreneurs.
Israel is a developed country, with a growing economy, but also with high inequalities between people. It’s estimated that poorest populations in Israel are orthodox Jewish people and Jews from Ethiopia.
At Leumi Bank, Tel Aviv

At Leumi Bank, Tel Aviv

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