D-10 before the innovation trip!


Welcome on our brand new blog! We have been thinking about this trip since a few weeks, and we are now organizing this project in details.

This morning, we all had a meeting at ESCP Europe to discuss the goals of this trip. We agreed on 3 points:

  • visibility: we want to become famous! It means we want everyboby to be aware of what is the innovation major at ESCP Europe (click here to meet us), what is the Innovators Nation project, and who are our sponsors (have a look at the sponsors page to discover them).
  • learning: at the end of this trip, we should be able to explain to you and to anyone else what is the Israeli ecosystem facilitating innovation (role of the state, the companies, the universities, the investors, etc.).
  • entertainment: we want to share with you what we are going to discover in Israel. Israeli people, food, religion, culture, and more.

We hope you will be as much interested in this project as we are! If you have any comment or suggestion, feel free to leave a reply.

More details about the team and the project soon…

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